English Search Engine Optimization (English SEO)

The statistic showed the people online in the world was over 18.02 billion in 2009 but the internet penetration (% Population) was only 26.6%.

Another survey found that 85% of high income and highly educated adults use search engines to look for information and 55% of online sales are derived from search engines. It is very clear that Search Engine Optimization (SEO or Search Engine Position) is an important emarketing method to obtain results. It means you should work hard to achieve rankings within or as close to the top ten search results as possible.

Furthermore, there are a variety of search tools (e.g. search engines, directories, spiders, etc.) being currently used to navigate the World Wide Web. You do not know exactly what search tool your target customers will use. Hence, it is important for your site to be listed with as many of these search tools as possible. This is no easy feat for a busy business person to do search engine optimization and submission.

What Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also called as Search Engine Positioning (or Natual SEO). Its ultimate goal is to attract more potential customers to visit your site. English Search Engine Optimization (SEO or Search Engine Positioning) is not simply adding META tags and submitting website to search engines and link farms.

To improve search engine positions and business results, it requires careful study of your company, products, services, website and competitors, keyword research & planning, optimization of the site content and its structure using proper website optimization techniques, website submission to search engines and directories, as well as effective link building through sophisticated SEO techniques and other search engine marketing strategy.

It is a long-term process and no trickery in English Search Engine Optimization. Some SEO experts employ the black hat SEO techniques to trick search engines to get fast result and high ranking at a short period. However, this is dangerous and may result in your site being banned from search engines.

Hence, we only use ethical search engine optimization approaches in our English SEO services for our clients. English Search engine optimization requires in-depth knowledge and tremendous amount of time. Employing a professional SEO company can help you to conduct your eMarketing strategy in a more cost effective way.

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