Chinese Search Engine Optimization (Chinese SEO)

China has the largest internet users in the world. In 2010, there are more than 4.2 billion people online and over 1.42 billion involving internet shopping. The annual GDP growth is over 10% and is expected to increase in the next ten years. It is a huge protential market in business. However, most of them are not good in English. To get your website seen by them, it needs to translate your website to Chinese, and implement Chinese Search Engine Optimization (Chinese SEO) to gain the internet visibility.

Chinese Search Engine Optimization (China SEO) is also named as Chinese Search Engine Positioning. Its ultimate goal is to attract more potential & targeted chinese customers to visit your site. Chinese Search Engine Optimization (Chinese SEO) is not simply adding META tags and submitting website to many chinese search engines and link directories. To improve search engine positions and business results, it requires careful study of your company, products, services, website and competitors, keyword analysis and planning, proper Chinese translation according to the Chinese target users’ culture & searching practices, optimization of the site content and its structure using proper website optimization techniques, website submission to Chinese search engines and directories, as well as effective link building through sophisticated SEO techniques and other search engine marketing strategy.

Although some websites are built with all the right SEO techniques, they are not being properly indexed by Chinese search engines. There may be some coding problems when the site is built in frames or using Java or flash in its navigation. It may require modifications or even restructuring the site for better result.

Moreover, the Chinese SEO rules are a bit different from the English SEO. The Internet market in China works differently due to various social, political and technological reasons. It may be the reason why Google China failed to take over the Chinese search engine market.

Besides, you may agree that targeting an incorrect keyword means fruitless and a waste of the Chinese SEO efforts. Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important elements of Chinese SEO. This is especially true for Chinese language because there are several different phrases to describe the same thing. We are a Hong Kong Chinese SEO company involving Chinese SEO for more than 10 years. Since we are native Chinese, we understand the culture and the practice of Chinese internet users.

Many Chinese SEO experts use the black hat SEO techniques to gain fast result. However, this may take a risk to get your site being banned from most Chinese search engines. We are ethical Chinese SEO company using ethical Chinese Search Engine Optimization techniques and practices to implement the Chinese search marketing strategy for our clients. Chinese Search engine optimization requires in-depth knowledge and tremendous amount of time. Employing a professional Chinese SEO company can help you to conduct a suitable Chinese Search Engine Optimization strategy and benefit in the long term.

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