Anti Spam Policy

This Anti-Spam Policy has been written to document our practices and policies regarding the sending of our newsletters, promotion, special offers and commercial electronic messages, and to provide assistance to those who feel they somehow received an email or fax from us in error.

1. The email address of our newsletter subscribers will not be sold to any third parties. They are only used to send the free newsletter.
2. Ads within our newletter. Sometimes, ads of products and/or services related to the global trade and marketing may be included within our newsletter. We will try our best to restrict the quantities of the messages and select based on the liklihood the offering is something that would be of benefit to the subscribers.

Anti-Spam Policy
We enforces our Anti-Spam Policy using several methods detailed as follows:

1. We oversees the Anti-Spam policy and requests our staffs and partners (resellers, or agents, etc. ) to strictly adhere to the Anti-Spam Policy and laws regarding the sending of commerical electronic messages by email, fax and telephone;

2. Upon building a mailing list, we do not use any address harvesting software and automated means to obtain electronic addresses;

3. Upon acquiring an opt-in list (if any), we verify with the seller the source of the list and the method used to acquire subscribers in the list are not collected by the address harvesting software. We also include transitionary content to inform affected subscribers;

4. It should not use automated means to create multiple email accounts to send multiple messages, not register for multiple email addresses or domain names using falsified information, and not falsely represent to be the registrant of multiple email addresses of domain names;

5. It should not conceal the calling line identification information when sending electronic messages from a telephone or fax number, not use automated means to generate electronic addresses to which messages are sent, and not use open relay/proxy to relay or retransmit multiple messages;

6. It should not access a telecommunications device without authorisation to send multiple messages, not send multiple messages from a telecommunications device without authorisation with a view to deceiving or misleading recipients about the source, and not falsify header information in multiple messages;

7. For sending commercial electronic messages by phone and/or fax in Hong Kong, it should ensure that the telephone and/or fax numbers contained in the applicable Do-not-call Registers (DNC) in Hong Kong are removed from the target address list unless consent has been obtained from the recipient. The downloading of the DNC, the cleansing of the sending lists and the sending out of messages should be completed within 9 working days;

8. Arrangement should be made to retain unsubscribe requests received for at least 3 years after their receipt and the opt-out list (for email) and the target address list should be updated as soon as such unsubscribe requests are received to ensure that an unsubscribe request could take effect within 10 working days from the day on which it is sent;

9. All emails and faxs sent provide clear and accurate sender information in the message without misleading subject headings;

10. All emails and faxs sent include remove/unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each messages. Additionally, the message contains the contact information, which is valid at least 30 days after the messages are sent, at the end;

11. For sending electronic messages in Hong Kong, it should ensure compliance with the laws in Hong Kong and in the way according to the Unsolicited Electronic Message Ordinance and Regulation.

Report Abuse
To report any suspected spam or if you believe you have received our free newsletter, email or fax in error, please forward the email or fax you received to*. Your report will be registered and we will investigate.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our free and informative newsletter, please click the "OPT-OUT" link at the bottom of any email you receive from us, or just visit our website to opt-out your subscription.

If you need to contact us, please find our contact information below:

Report suspected spam -*
By post - 11/F., Nan Sing Bldg., 727 Nathan Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong
By fax - (852) 3524 8941

*Notes: replace # by @ when sending us an email.